I Have an Extraordinary Treat for Everybody at This Time
September, 2019
Thus, here is a backstage glance at the GCE (Game Creator Engine), guiding my video game Abaddon.
I have considerably refactored the code. In the beginning, I had developed the code to get anything that functioned essentially. Therefore I had shed my encapsulation. Given that I have rewritten almost everything, the overall game operates considerably faster. I arranged each concept considerably more pragmatically, as well as the classes now possess both high cohesion and loose coupling.
Obviously, there may nonetheless be loads of work to perform. I wish to generate a great interface for my manager objects to inherit from to begin with, even though that could require multiple inheritances, and develop the gameState out of an integer into a class that could call up the relevant subroutines as I am utilizing a switch statement and case block to achieve that at this time.
Anyway, I have additionally modified the installation software so that it immediately runs the DirectX Web Installer Client to improve your DirectX on the newest edition. This task ought to rectify any absent DLL miscalculations. Additionally, by utilizing LZMA compression, and by eliminating a couple of testing assets, I inadvertently incorporated into the previous version, I was in a position to reduce the size of the installation software by nearly ten megs.
You could get the newest edition of Abaddon, edition 0.19 here setup0.19.exe (16.57 MB).
I have produced Doxygen documents detailing the device framework as it presently stands. One could see the GCE Documents at: GCE.pdf
New AWS (Amazon Web Services) Site Update for 2019
August, 2019
My website was updated to use the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform.
I additionally implemented a new design that I based on the template I previously utilized for my site when it was running on Drupal.
However, my site is now running off my custom CMS that I wrote from scratch with the following: JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, and MySQL.
I also designed and set up the MySQL database structure by myself. These are the kinds of things I do for fun. My idea of a good time is quite different from that of most individuals. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Computer Based Management System & E-Commerce
August, 2018
My latest work of literature was published. Also, the ISBN is 1680944487.
Furthermore, you may purchase my most recent piece of literature on Amazon.
Software Metrics and Software Metrology Published
February, 2018
My new book was published, and the ISBN for this one is 1680944681.
In addendum, you can learn more on the Amazon product page for this item.
Advances in Geometric Modeling Published
October, 2017
My newest piece of literature was released and the ISBN is 168094469X.
Here is a review from Amazon: "This book presents new idea of gathering state of the art topics in geometric modeling together with techniques, applications, systems and tools."
Switching Theory and Logic Design Published
September, 2017
My latest literary release is now available on Amazon. The ISBN is 1680944460.
Also, you may wish to peruse this review from Amazon: "Combinational logic ultimately concerns itself with bringing together multiple logic gates alongside one another, to handle multiple messages, and enables them to manufacture one or more end result signals in accordance with the rational functionality of the logic gates."
The Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics Published
October, 2017
My new book was published, and the ISBN is 1680944657.
Here is a review from Amazon: "This book provides an accessible overview of the most important issues in information and computer ethics."
Software Process Improvement Published
October, 2017
My most recent piece of literature has now been published. The ISBN for this piece of writing is 1680944673.
You may also aspire to take a glance at this review from Amazon: "This book focuses on the best practices for software process improvement (SPI) and related international standards."
I Was Asked to Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Event on AMAfeed
October, 2017
The name of the Channel for this AMA (Ask Me Anything) is #AuthorsAMA, and it is at 23:00 EST on 10/26/17.
How to Determine if a Hedge Fund is Right for You
September, 2017
Buying Works of Comic Art at Low Prices
September, 2017
Here Are 5 Ways to Get More Experience With Platforms
August, 2017
Smart Ways to Solve Your Company's Data Storage Problems
April, 2017
Generating data streams does not help much if you can not store them somewhere. The most obvious solution is, of course, to use multiple server storage units.
You may also wish to buy some more hard disks for your organization's desktop computers, and thereby enable your workers to install programs for offline use.
College Majors
April, 2017
Help yourself, and the college will help you: this is the adage that could summarize the college experience for many pupils.
At the same time, some colleges may have a poor reputation because of a lack of resources and hence issues with the following: follow-up, supervision, material, professionalization, support, ad infinitum.
Misconceptions About Self-Employment
March, 2017
Yes, a self-employed worker will be free to decide their holiday dates and their duration. However, they'll also have to deal with the following: NO MORE PAID TIME OFF!
Stock Market Index
February, 2017
Index options solutions are fashionable these days. Therefore, it is helpful to know how to trade them.
The IT Market Is Changing
December, 2016
Companies are always looking for qualified professionals to respond to technological developments. Ipso facto, IT departments hire a lot.
Personal Capital Review
November, 2016
Personal Capital has a website that is rather easy to use. Consequently, I went to their website after hearing about them, and I was able to get set up with a free account immediately. The process just took a couple of minutes.
Content Management System
March, 2016
This tutorial covers how to write a web content management system using PHP. This WCMS (Web Content Management System) will function like Drupal or Joomla.
After you read this, then you'll be able to begin to start programming some CMS software using PHP. (⚆_⚆) Sounds like a whole heap of fun doesn't it? o_O
If You Want a Useful Page
April, 2015
A few of the materials required to build a website are as follows: appealing content, the appropriate use of typography, an attractive layout, and the necessary eye candy, a.k.a. pretty stuff to look at ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).